Putting Thoughts on Paper When They’re Your Own

April 19, 2023

I’m sitting here at 10:45 at night, the Thursday before my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. I’m working since there hasn’t been enough time during the day to really get anything done, and as I write away for my clients, all I can think about is the big day.

It’s such a milestone moment for my daughter, but it’s also a special moment for me. As part of the service, I get to express my hopes, dreams and wishes for her directly to her. I get to talk to her about what makes me a proud mama. It also...

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Keeping Busy When Work Slows Down

March 22, 2023

The peaks and valleys of freelancing are no joke. There are days when the work piles up so high it seems impossible you’ll get through it all. Other days, you look at your to-do list, see hardly anything on it, and question your choice to leave corporate life behind.

It’s part of the job to have down time when you’re a freelancer, and if you can weather the storm until work pick backs up, you’ll need ways to keep yourself busy.

I struggle when things get too slow. Even if I know more work...

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My Favorite Reads in 2022

February 15, 2023

This is my favorite post to write each year because I get to talk solely about books. There’s never enough time to read, but last year I made it through 35 books. I read over 12,600 pages, and had a serious amount of winners in the mix.

If you’re looking for something new to read, here’s what stood out for me.


“Read this book with a pencil handy,” a friend advised me, “you’ll want to write all over it.” She wasn’t wrong, and it has been a long time since a...

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Don’t Forget About Internal Links When Writing

November 16, 2022

Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, I constantly write to different sets of requirements. Some clients focus on word count, others on topic relevance. Some provide keywords and take advantage of optimization strategies, while others just want to get particular information out there.

Regardless of the goal of a piece, regardless of whether a client asks you to do this, you should always try to incorporate internal links from that business into your copy. These can be older blog...

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Is It Okay to Repurpose Content?

October 19, 2022

Being a content creator today is weird. There are things you can do, as a writer today, that would have never happened twenty+ years ago when I was learning how to be a writer. How you research content is different (thanks Google) and how you use content is different. It’s even okay to re-use content, if you do it right.

Coming up in this business, originality meant everything. When you wanted to say something that someone else already said, you found someone to quote on the subject to keep...

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