My Favorite Books of 2023

February 21, 2024

As has become my own little tradition, at the start of each new year, I take a look back at all the books I read in the previous year and highlight my favorites. This is a fun way for me to think about what I enjoyed reading over the last 12 months as well as where I want to take my reading list going forward.

In 2023, I read 45 books. My average book length was 363 pages. According to my Goodreads account, I mostly liked everything I read throughout the year although there were definitely...

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Should Copy Editing Include Content Editing?

November 15, 2023

There are a lot of terms for the person responsible for editing another person’s content. You can be a Copy Editor, a Proofreader, a Content Editor, a Managing Editor. Sometimes even a plain old Editor edits the copy. What gets confusing to me, when there are so many titles that encompass a few specific tasks, is what they really mean across the board.

If my definition of the term is different than yours, there’s a chance expectations won’t get met. On the flip side, this miscommunication...

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Read it Backward

October 18, 2023

Proofreading is a massive skill. You may think you’re good at it — that you can edit and proof at the same time — but let me just say that, from personal experience, this is VERY HARD. Yes, it’s ‘all caps’ hard. That’s because your eye is the ultimate auto corrector. Read fast enough and it will ‘fix’ what’s wrong in your writing before your hands have a chance to. This can lead to frustrating errors, noticed once it’s way too late.

This makes me crazy. Not because I’m a perfectionist. I...

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Never Freelance Totally Alone

September 20, 2023

Since I graduated from college and lived on my own, I’ve always had cats. It began with just one — Gotham. She was a perfect companion who liked to share my coffee and sit on my desk. Then came Gatsby. She liked to sit on my lap and shed her white fur everywhere.

While both of these cats have gone onto that great big litter box in the sky, today, Lupin, Helix, Rune and Tuxito are all my live-in feline friends. Lupin is five, the twins are two and Tux is four months.

They’re a crazy crew of...

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When It’s Time to Consider Going Full-time

August 23, 2023

This is not a topic I’m thrilled to think about. As a freelancer, I’ve created a work-life balance for myself that is perfectly catered to my own needs. I know when the best times are, for me, to get work done, and when I need to be available for my family. None of this falls into a 9-5 opening of course.

Yet, the hardest part of being a freelancer is consistency. It’s near impossible to guarantee the same workload will come in each month, which means paychecks vary. Although, even without...

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