Is Freelancing a Real Job?

August 25, 2021

My immediate answer to this headline of a question is….HELL YES! Sometimes I feel it’s more of a job than an in-office, 9-to-5 type of situation.

While it can easily be more work, being a freelancer is ultimately a great job. However, being a successful freelancer requires a lot of self-motivation, organization, and determination.

If you define a job as a paid position, where you work regular hours, I’m here to tell you it’s time to update your thinking. A job doesn’t have to pay you —...

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The Jack-of-all-trades Freelancer

July 22, 2021

As a freelance writer you pretty much have two options — One: write within a niche, sticking to an industry, or within a specific area within multiple industries, or Two: market yourself for anything and write about it all. In order to do the second, you must adapt quickly when given a job writing about something you know nothing about.

Based on my experience as a content creator, I fit into the second category. I’ve broken into new industries numerous times. I’ve had to write, in detail,...

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Content Writing is Actually Project Management in Disguise

June 23, 2021

Ok, this headline is a bit deceiving, but I want to be clear that content writing isn’t only about sitting at your desk all day, stringing together words that will wow and impress clients. That’s a HUGE component, but to do the job well it’s not all you should be doing.

This is why project management skills are essential for any content writer. You do the work, but you also spend tons of time managing the details related to this work.

Working backward

The first thing you need to know how...

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Is Journalism a Dying Art?

May 19, 2021

To be fair, before I even start this piece, I want to say that these are just my opinions on the industry as a whole. They’re based on my observations and interpretations only. Thanks.

Prepare yourselves, I’m about to sound old…

Back in my day, studying communications was different. While I was in college, we were still years away from the first Facebook post, and social media didn’t even factor into a communications plan. There were’t even communications departments at companies, and I...

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The Perks of a Career in Communications

April 21, 2021

When I began thinking about my career, way back when, I had very specific ideas. I was going to study journalism, but not become a newspaper reporter. I’d take a few extra classes in layout and design, and land a cushy job writing features, or doing layout for a glossy magazine. I had my eye on something edgy for a while, but shifted to more high-brow pursuits when it came time to actually look for a job.

In reality, this is not how my career started at all, nor have I ever worked for a...

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