2 posts published in June 2017

The marketing career of a journalism student

June 14, 2017

When I graduated from college with my B.S. in Journalism in hand I was certain of one thing, I didn’t want to be a reporter. I wanted a job where I could use the writing skills I’d spent four years diligently developing, but the grueling hours for low pay that a reporter suffers did not appeal to a college grad with student loans and rent to pay each month.

The opportunity to apply for a marketing assistant job came my way about eight months after I graduated. By then I had already managed...

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How content creation and graphics go hand-in-hand

June 28, 2017

I was a writer when I began college, studying journalism so that I could turn writing into a career. The requirements for a major included classes one would expect - news writing and reporting, media law and ethics, etc, but one requirement seemed out of place to me until I actually took the course - Design. I obviously knew everything written for a publication has to have photos and graphics added and has to be designed onto a page, but I had assumed that was something unrelated to the role...

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